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In investing, what is comfortable is rarely  profitable

          - Robert Arnott


Regardless the size, finance is considered to be the lifeblood of a company. To reach to the optimal capital structure that ensures the highest rate of return is the key for sustainable development for an organization. In the real context of business world, sometimes it seems quite difficult for organizations to work on these issues. Management may find themselves severe requirement of liquidity while expected cash is not generated from the market. Such situation creates a further cycle of finance shortfall. Hence a planned and articulately formulated long term measure needs to be adapted. Often management of the company remains so busy to deal with the regular day to day activities that may not allow them to ponder on those issues. A third-eye view in such case works wonderfully.

On the other hand, no one wants to remain on the same ground from where business was started. To penetrate more into industry i.e. to cover up more of the value chain (Vertical Integration) in which business is currently being operated is one the great tool to increase the margin. Related diversification i.e. Horizontal Integration is the first principal of exploring a new market. Unrelated diversification is not expected by a company to execute unless it can capitalize a ‘Core Competence’ based on which it can mark a strong footage in the industry. However, all these important notions may turn invalid if proper investment planning is not in place. There is an active paradox works like a pandora’s box for the entrepreneur in this situation: entrepreneur always possesses high confidence in his or her idea/perception regarding new project while it is very likely that s/he may forgo an important consideration due to exaggerated buoyancy on project.

Business Feasibility & Financing

TAPSD engages sector specialists/experts as consultants for the best output of our services with a view to attaining the fidelity of our clients. We write and rewrite business proposals and information memorandums as well. Feasibility study conduction and writing feasibility study reports are the two major activities where we preserve special knowledge and expertise. Whatever the project is related to and regardless the size of the project, we have full-fledge capability and resources for conducting survey, feasibility study and reporting in accordance with the requirement of our clients. We prepare prospectus and Information Memorandum (IM) and other documentation process for getting smooth approval of loan form financial institutions. At this very point of time, we are providing such services for our SME clients with relatively low budgeted projects.

Having excellent relationship with the sector experts/specialists, we utilize the leverage of serving our clients by the top class professionals of the country through sub-consultant agreement with these experienced minds. We prepare documents against EOI, EOI, RFP, RFQ, prospectus of the project and/or as per the requirement of our clients.

How TAPSD Can Help You?

TAPSD has a large pool of consultants from various industries and sectors of the country. We engage sector experts with a view to serving our clients with the best of output. We expect our clients to repeat rather than pushing with the marking tools to retain. Most of the consultants in TAPSD have background of serving both local and world renowned organizations like Bangladesh Bank, local commercial banks, World Bank, ADB, IDB and so on. Their practical on-job experience with the mold of consulting approach from TAPSD makes our contents and deliveries world class standard one.

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