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TAPSD being a Management consulting company in Bangladesh, its Independent Engineer (IE) / Lenders engineer (LE) department works as an independent body jointly appointed by Project sponsor and Financial Institutions (FI) or as a representative of lending institutions such as banks and NBFIs. Main function of the team is to audit a project from the technical, commercial and financial standpoints when a sponsor approach for funding. TAPSD IE team also works for Government and other non-government commercial entities to guide for the successful commercial operation of a project.

Why TAPSD IE/LE services are important for you?

  • To keep control over project’s success regardless of size and complexity of Projects

  • To ensure value for money when large funds are being spent

  • IE/LE monitors the quality of work related to financial, construction, health and safety, environmental or technical products.  

  • To track project’s Implementation success

  • IE/LE evaluates project performance based on best industry practice, established requirements and Local regulatory guidance

  • It is a best practice to retain an Independent Engineer for large complex project with multiple stakeholders

  • TAPsd services extended from Local Commercial banks to Development and Multilateral Financial Institutions (DFIs & MFIs)

We also work for commercial Banks and Non-Banking Financial Institutions in processing regular business proposal and limit review in factory capacity and utilization measurement, machinery performance measurement, suitability of technology for estimated production, compliance parameter measurement etc.

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