A change in Quantity also entails a change in Quality

                     - Engels Friedrich

We always follow a comprehensive “problem-driven” and “situation focused” approach, which includes all necessary data, information from ‘investigation’, will be followed for performing its assignments. The comprehensive way of addressing the issues related to the project may include both ‘qualitative’ and ‘quantitative’ analysis. Typically, TAPSD pursues the following way of conducting its activities:

1. Appointment as Consultant/ Signing of Contract/ Work Order

2. Site Analysis/ Project Analysis/ Project Brief

3. Product/Service Designing/ Program Requirement

4. Concept Design Development & Approval

5. Final Program Requirement & Approval

6. Design, Programmed, Final Analysis & Development

7. Final Architectural Design & Approval

8. Preparation and Submission of Approval Drawings

9. Preparation of Construction Documents

10. Supervision

It is said that ‘Devils lie in the details’. We divide every assignment into separate Work Packages (WPs) with a view to complying with the standards and quality that client deserves. Assignments are implemented in the practical ground through successive and/or simultaneous detail activities under each of the WPs. The assessment process typically carried out by following the way of consulting with the client and adjusting accordingly based on the feedback attained.

With a view to ensuring the expected quality for our client, after entering into contract, we pursue some responsibilities enthusiastically. Regardless of the terms of the contract, some activities are conducted by our team with an intention of understanding and carrying out the obligated responsibilities in a coherent manner. On the other hand, client will have to render some responsibilities including but not limited to 1) providing relevant data and information, 2) assisting in all respects to conduct proper due diligence and/or 3) taking clearance from different Authorities and so on.

Responsibilities mentioned in the contract with TAPSD are addressed in such a way which may include some conventional tools and techniques as well as conventional mode of performing tasks. TAPSD never negates the acceptance and good side of traditional practices rather it always amalgamates both traditional and modern practices to bring about the best of output. Activities mentioned in this section are subject to making adjustment in terms of location and regulatory issues.

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