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Throughout the world, developing countries has not progressed much to the potentiality although the countries are blessed by unbound resources. The inherent core reason that TAPSD accept as true is nothing but the improper allocation of resources and mismanagement in various forms. We know that this messy situation cannot be resolved with a blink of eyes; guided way of actions with proper vision is required to reach to the gorgeous destination that will be a glooming one. 

TAPSD finds its surroundings filled with immense opportunities and bounties. While the whole country is moving forward every day, industries within this economy is continuously facing newer challenges frequently. With the advancement of technology, eco-system of doing business is also transforming at a great pace. The most adaptive community to this kind of change is found within young generation. On the other side of the game, conventional practice, quality, tactics, tricks and techniques are being exerted by experienced and wise hearts. TAPSD always wants to amalgamate these tow streams of momentum with a view to transferring the know-how to the next generation and bringing up a great solution.

Young minds now-a-days, want to set out their contributions in terms of activism and knowledge. One the other hand, lots of opportunities being arisen worldwide for talented and experience professionals. With the advancement of science and technology, it has become quite an easy job for an individual to be an international professional by actually working from his home through proper guidance and quality control by experience professionals. We want to develop the knowledge base of the country by encouraging its youth to be engaged in productive activities, where young minds can employ their brilliance and acquire international standard competence by working with experienced sector specialists. TAPSD dedicates itself to nourish its internal and external resources that are available in numerous forms to flourish its competency to the best of potential.

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