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Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts

                                               - Winston Churchill

TAPSD believes in sustainable process management. We believe in ecosystem of creating congenial environment for people where ‘change’ does not become an alien concept gradually. TAPSD believes in creating and sustaining ‘culture’ for organizations. Culture within the periphery of an organization is created through a systematic and gradual practice of policies prepared and followed by its people. Right here, Corporate Structuring comes into the picture. Corporate Structuring is a process of arranging and streamlining people, process and finance in way that best fits the vision of the company. It includes exercise of vision, mission and objectives setting to organizational values setting,, organogram preparation, job description, key performance indication setting, tracking and trailing performance, implementing performance measuring techniques, monitoring and evaluation and taking corrective measures and so on. It is advisable to structure an organization professionally right from the inception of the organization; otherwise, things become more complex as days passes on and entrepreneur finds him/herself in the midst of great despair since everything seems stuck by that time. Entrepreneur feels that there is nowhere to go while s/he has already come a long way!

Hence, TAPSD provides Corporate Structuring services for SMEs and new entrepreneurs. Any entrepreneur can avail our services for specific tasks as well. We provide all these services for SMEs and new venture under a ‘grooming’ coverage by working shoulder to shoulder over mid to  long period of time. Since ‘prevention is better than cure’, we, here in TAPSD, focus on adopting corporate cultural tools and techniques from the early stage of doing business. Culture is a long process of transforming and preparing an organization for the next level. Hence, If someone doesn't want to see his/her company becomes a 'One Man Show Company' or wants the otherwise i.e. to be in operation for hundreds of years to come, then s/he should focus on some 'attributes'/'attires' that run the whole show spontaneously and carry the whole visible and invisible motivation to work actively within an organization and create legacy for generations to come. These invisible aspect are organizational values. TAPSD ensures best service for enduring Corporate Structuring for SMEs and new ventures.

Services We Offer:

  • Corporate Restructuring

  • Job Description Setting

  • KPI Formulation & Implementation

  • Leadership Process Automation

  • Budget Planning & Implementation

  • Integrated Businness Planning (IBP): See IBP Brochure

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