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Renewable energy could reduce emissions but also create jobs and improve public health.

              - Paul Polman

Sustainable energy use is a major focus area of large organizations as well as the Government today. Sustainability goals impact all areas of energy management from physical plant operations to replacement of machineries for energy efficiency improvement. In a broader aspect, economic development depends on sufficient sources of power. From conventional power to renewable energy, newer and more efficient sources of energy are rapidly emerging. Investors and project developers need to determine expected yield delivery to maximise return on investment. Manufacturers need to guarantee reliability of products and conform to international standards; operators need to ensure operational efficiency and safety of plants.


TAPSD provides advisory services for optimization of industrial processes and energy management, to ensuring profitable return on investment through energy stimulation; we cover all aspects of utilization of Energy & Power.

TAPSD Services:

  • Industrial Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Audits

  • Lender’s Energy Manager

  • Advisory on RE/EE Financing

  • Energy Management System Development

  • Corporate Training on Energy Efficiency and Management Procedure

  • Energy Modeling and Simulation

  • Lighting Simulation

TAPSD serves for Banks and Non-Banking Financial Institutions in Energy Efficiency Lending and asset reporting and training for internal loan and credit officers on EE

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