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Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

                  - John F. Kennedy

Bangladesh is currently facing the acute challenges of being unable to create ‘Mid Level Management’ pool in private sector. This hollowness in the midst of organizational structure is quite evident through a number of reports from recent years where we see Bangladesh has become 3rd largest remittance source for Indian[1]. At least 1 million Indians are working in Bangladesh and a big chunk of them are serving in the Mid and Top hierarchy of Bangladeshi and Multinational companies with higher payoffs. Moreover, if we consider the growth pattern of the country and want to synchronies it, it has become an obvious matter for stakeholders to come forward and provide quality trainings to increase the capacity of managers. In this environmental diversity, where change has become a natural phenomenon, training and capacity building can pave the future only if the people within the process are capable enough to take the challenges posed.

We as a consulting firm, has got affiliation with large pool of trainers of the country. We can also source International Trainers if it is sought. We have got connection with Bangladesh Society for Human Resources Management (BSHRM) and Bangladesh Organization for Learning and Development (BOLD). Most of the promoters and consultants of TAPSD have experience in private companies in Bangladesh. Practical challenges that an employee faces in corporate culture in Bangladesh has been embodied so far in their exposures and TAPSD uses their practice driven experience to provide solutions for its clients. Followings are the core topics which TAPSD can cover to provide best of its services through Training & Capacity Building initiatives:



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