Are You The Boss?: Never Forget to Have A Mentor!!

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

  • Seeing The Big Picture: A Great Quality

Undoubtedly, the most complex system on the face of the world that is always being utilized by the human being is nothing but the integrated coherent course of ‘Input-Process-Output’ of our brain. Very few managers/business leaders/entrepreneurs have been adorned with the capability of thinking and seeing the business perspectives from various different angles to visualize the whole concept comprehensively. Such people have got the ability to analyze a number of variables, facts, figures, characters and elements to plan an eloquent process flow so that end result turns into their desired output in reality. ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David J. Schwartz tries to focus on some characteristics that a person can practice to be able to avail such qualities to some extent. Such qualities may not always be required by the employer but these are required, rather I would say these are must thing for one to put his or her life at ease in the workplace. Whatever the case, either one has such quality naturally or one adopts it by practice, he or she should be aware of the dilemma that may ruin everything that has been achieved!

  • A Great Quality May Bring Bad Omen: Confidence (!)

Great leaders see the big picture and in the process which helps to scrutinize the interactive elements of a process to make decisions. The more a leader can see the big picture as described in the former paragraph, the more it increases the probability of success. Down the pavement, in the course of time, it becomes a ‘Habit’ of the leader and consequently ‘confidence’ turns into ‘habit’ and that’s may become a footstep to the problem! When confidence becomes a matter of habit, the psychology of the leader tend to change gradually. This gradual shift can NOT be observed by the leader himself as it has already become the part of this ‘habit’! The problem is not the ‘confidence’ nor the ‘habit’ is a problem; the problem lies with the ‘Approach’!

Due to the boosted ‘confidence’, it becomes the ‘habit’ of a leader to always emphasize his or her own idea, concept and so on. He or she tends to become a thinker with ‘No Mistake’. But fact is that ‘to err is human’! In the process, down the line, there may come a day when there will be no point of return but enjoy the bitterness of the failure which may blunder everything. The probable best way to escape this is to have mentor(s) both in and outside of the organization and try to practice another ‘habit’ of being more ‘Humble’!

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