Being Political is NOT of Doing Politics

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

There is a fundamental difference between 'being political' and 'doing politics' within the periphery of a business firm. The former one is more inclined with the tactics and techniques during communication and later one is nothing but an intentional way of exerting and/or satisfying one's desire that may make the person better off with a consequent result of polluted working environment in the organization. On the other hand, being political in dealings within the organization helps to maintain a formal inter-dependent organizational architecture that results in check and balance in tasks' ownership. One may contemplate and act upon followings to be political:

  1. The first step is to think. Thinking over the intra and inter relationship among and between stakeholders with a projection of interest within will portray a way forward. Different individuals and groups possess different kinds of interest. Everyone is hankering after the attainment of his/her one. Hence, thinking over the 'interest pattern' of stakeholders is very critical. It will give a pictorial cross-connecting matrix for the thinker to position his/her move.

  2. If boss yells at everything you do (a critical symptom that someone is pulling your ears), there is certainly some issues that you need to take care of. Sit one to one. Fear/blushing/discomfort of any kind in this case should be thrown out. Otherwise, problem will evolve further. Sometimes, wise third party may be engaged to consult with the boss.

  3. One should not utter to an individual/group about anything negative of someone, who has a some sort of connection/intimacy with the person to whom it is being said. To put it simple, Say Mr. X is in good terms with Mr. Y and has a good relation (it can be any kind) with Mr. Z. But Mr. Z does not know that Mr. X & Mr. Y are familiar to each other. Now Mr. Z unintentionally says something about Mr. X's situation to Mr. Y and Mr. Y transferred the same to Mr. X as told by Mr. Z. What will be status of relation between Mr. X and Mr. Z? It is a very simple example. In practical life, situation may be much complex. So be cautious what you say! ..... whom you are saying!!? In fact, it is not required at all.

  4. Being open to everybody will make things easy. One needs to keep heart and mind open and intake all sorts of criticism/suggestions/recommendations and whatever come along the way and s/he gets from around. It will create a face-mark of being compromising within the organization.

  5. Sometimes, one need to keep him or herself aside of crowd to create a distance. Distance matters in formal business environment. By simply withdrawing communication with the person (for a while may be!) who is making noise will allow a space between them and allow a ground to redesign the communication pattern.

  6. If you certainly know that and that person is secretly doing some noise about you, praise him openly.

  7. Superior has made a mistake and boss is yelling at you in front of that superior thinking that you have made that mistake. Superior is in silent mode. If the case is severe, now keep yourself in silent mode. If you are asked by the boss to answer, answer politically. Use bureaucratic words. If concerned issue is correctable, use 'us', 'we', 'our' in answering and meet your superior later on this.

  8. One should not make an impression of being 'ball pass gamer' within organization.

  9. Whatever you do, how clever you may think of yourself, just remember, at the end of the day, everyone knows 'what you are'? What is your strength? How far you can go? What is your boundary? They all know this. If you 'fake it to make it', like always, everyone will understand eventually!

  10. Please do not exaggerate anything. Put it simply what they are. Overdoing/show-up/apple shining may ruin the essence and create an unnecessary individual or a group of backbiters. Why should you give them a chance?

  11. Shackle off the ego of any kind. Otherwise, no. 4 will be difficult and eventually you will find other self-centric 'opposing' interest group/individual.

  12. 'Impact creation' is the most important of all. Impact is created when people say 'good' about the person both internally and externally. The backbiters will definitely NOT find a way if s/he already has an impact through out the organization. Impact is function of two things for an individual executive in an organization: 1) impression and 2) acceptance. There can be an article/write up on each of these two. Impact has to be created in two folds as well: 1) intra-department and 2) inter-department. One killer best way of creating impact through out the organization is to spread helping hand to team members and other departments.

  13. One should never show any kind of loyalty/adherence to any kind of backbiting by any individual. If someone does so, the backbiter will think of the person as one of them! Then all points from no. 1 to 12 will be in jeopardy.

The list may continue to if you share your experience and criticism will highly be appreciated.

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