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Updated: Jul 19, 2020

If someone doesn't want to see his/her company becomes a 'One Man Show Company' or wants the otherwise i.e. to be in operation for hundreds of years to come, then s/he should focus on some 'attributes'/'attires' that run spontaneously and carry the whole visible and invisible motivation to work actively for an organization and create legacy for generations to come. These are organizational values. I searched a lot to get a simplified structure of organizational culture but ended up with lots of theories! This article simplifies the understanding of key focusing areas of organizational values and its context of output to define the culture of an organization.

It begins with people! In the above diagram, 'people' is being placed between 'policies' and 'process'. Right people influence both policies to be set and process to be followed. So right people should be on board as per the business requirement to enable the whole giant system to work.

Then comes the policies. Policies are the set of principles/norms that guide the whole organization to interact with both internal and external stakeholders. Although, in capitalism, an organization is considered to be an artificial being (not a robot by the way!), it doesn't actually interact by itself with other rather it is people of the organization interact. We interact thousands of issues and manage, adjust, sooth or eliminate issues based on some standards/principles/norms within the context of the organization to get things done. This is once again changes/varies with the modality of industry in which company is operating its business. In above diagram, you can see the red line flows toward process since it defines the 'process' 'how to act' based on policies set already.

Process is the 'how to do it' mannerism. Right people can't do nothing if 'right process' is not working in real ground. Hence, comprehensive business centric easy to apply and maintain process has to be defined.

What is the value of People, Policies and Process if it is not practiced? It is actually embedded within process. What is practiced is 'process', how it is processed is the 'practice'! In this diagram, it is kept separately to emphasize and remind the necessary of this small word: 'practice'.

Culture can't be in place if it is not practiced for a long period of time!

A right group of people with proper principles set reasonably practical process to get things done on a consistence basis for a longer period of time creates a 'Habit' of understanding, cooperation and execution which leads them to achieve a great 'Organizational Culture'!

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