I Am Not A Super Computer..!

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Some days back, one of my besties was sharing his thoughts and experience in dealing with business and mostly his boss in a homely social gathering. I do know the attitude, prudence, rationality and capability of my friend very distinctly. I picked the tile, 'I am not a super computer!', is basically picked from his very statement. This statement is not out of anger, nor it portrays his frustration but it's out of dissatisfaction of a capable person when s/he is constrained with a statement from the boss: "Complete it within deadline" but rarely equipped with right resources. So where does that 'Grey Area' prevail where both employee and the entrepreneur/top may become frustrated at the same time though both of them are on the same page?

An entrepreneur is a 'big guy' irrespective of the business s/he is pursuing! S/he is big cause s/he has the courage! S/he is big cause s/he is craving to stand still on his/her own feet! They themselves are the force to push the limit. An entrepreneur, from his/her birth, stands out of the crowd because of these 'positive' and 'can-do' psychology. This psychology makes him a 'coordinator' and a 'doer' at the same time. During the early stage of a startup, almost all the activities are initiated by the entrepreneur him/herself. S/he coordinates with number of stakeholders both internally and externally; and get things done by involving him/herself. But please do remember, this is the early stage of the business where engagements/transactions are few in numbers. A classical example of 'coordinator' and 'doer' may be give in this way: the 'sewing-girls' in a production line of RMG are 'doers' while the 'line supervisors' are the 'coordinators'. Now please notice that the 'doers' have to mobilize resources and/or engage themselves 'physically' to get the things done! But same is not the case for the 'coordinators'! When we, human being need physical attachment to some task, seldom we be able to do mental work! In general, one can't run a bike and do math at the same time. For a coordinator 80% mental job while 20% physical while for a doer it is exact the other way round, 80% physical and 20% mental. But, during early stage of a startup, due to low scale of engagement, Entrepreneur = the coordinator + the doer. This is an 'Unconscious Competence' of the entrepreneur.

However, with the course of time, the surroundings begin to change i.e. engagements/transactions start to climb up. Entrepreneur looks for his/her assistance and wants to hire someone within whom s/he can see his/her own reflection. The competent person gets hired (positively). But as we noticed that the scenario changed so far by that time i.e. engagement increase. Unconsciously, at least I think so, entrepreneur keeps him/herself within 'can-do' psychology where s/he judges the competent manager by his/her own previous memories when s/he won over lots of obstacles. But you remember, time could permit both 'physical' and 'mental' engagement for the entrepreneur during that early stage while this newly hired manager has to handle lots more activities within a limited time frame! Probably this competent manager could have done wonders if s/he were supported by a competent assistant with a little job analysis.

Yes, it's true that based on the level of growth of the business, resources are allocated which may sometimes do not stand in accordance with the required plan. In that case, some warm and emphatic words from the entrepreneur or a simple gesture of friendliness from the boss may sooth the agony of the manager! ....... After all, s/he is a competent manager and "not a super computer...!"

Be Happy! :)

Thank You.

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Writer: Mr. A. Bhuiyan, Experienced Change Management Professional

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Pic Credit: https://news.utexas.edu/2017/08/22/children-s-learning-with-tablet-technology-is-often-passive

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