One Second Thinking

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

'One Second Thinking' is not a concept rather it's a 'practice'; neither it's a tool but a 'technique' to streamline one's 'thought process'. We have been hearing new jargons, especially in business world, to describe a current situation by a number of practitioners and megaminds. One of such is VUCA World, first used by US Army in 1980s to describe the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguity of the war zone. We copied it and started consulting on VUCA! Unlike VUCA, 'One Second Thinking' is not a jargon rather it's a 'process'/'habit' to 'give a pause'.

A 'pause' is essential. We are not robots; neither we are bionic-man. We do things within our own limitations. Limitations make us wonderful. We have limitations and that is why we hanker after perfection. What is the value of 'perfection' to celebrate a great move while imperfection is not there? But in business, seldom we face tough time to do things within very tight schedule. Boss ordered and we jump on to it! Here's comes 'One Second Thinking'. Before jumping up, we just need to give a pause! We need to think for a second what to do. If we know 'what to do', 'how to do' will come along which will fuel our brain to sketch over the planning. In reality, we are not actually thinking for only 'one second'! 'One Second Thinking' is a striking phrase to 'give a pause' before jumping into our tasks; meaning: Every Task Should Be Planned Even It Is Very Little One!

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Writer: Mr. A. Bhuiyan, Experienced Change Management Professional

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