The Boss with a Red Pen

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Mr. Imtiaz Kabir, the Managing Director, started this morning with a little breakfast, polished shoes, smart jacket and his favorite red pen; in his right hand. Door opened to heed towards the Shopnobaj Tower besides the great river Buriganga. The reserved elevator makes no mistake to reach the 18th floor within 90 seconds and Mr. Imtiaz sits on his gorgeous brunette desk at sharp 10. Pours the glass with mineral water of best in quality and looks out of the window with a big sigh thinking he could have done more for his progeny and the world. He looks on files piled up on his desk for approval and suddenly eyes catch up a scrap paper filled with lots of brutal red marks and crisscrossed sketches made of correction-attempts.

This time sigh is bigger and profound with a chilling poke in the midst of heart: "What I have been doing all these years? OMG!!" How have I been spending every single day of my precious life? Suddenly Mr. Imtiaz recaps his yesterday:

  1. He started office at 10 in the morning and got back to home 11 at night.

  2. Signed all the cheques for vendor payment

  3. Signed at least 15 approvals of all departments

  4. He proofread at least 15 emails, 8 letters and 1 policy documents from various departments

  5. He attempted the 2nd correction of at least half of these emails, letters and documents on that very day!

  6. He had meetings with finance and accounts early in the morning for 1 hour

  7. He had meetings with other department heads as well. Probably 2 hours in total

  8. Mr. Imtiaz had 2 short meetings with external stakeholders yesterday

  9. Took his lunch at 4 PM

  10. Canceled a meeting with a bank's high in afraid of he wouldn't be able to complete his day's task

  11. Dictated 3 emails and 2 letters to his PS to be sent from his account

  12. At 10:45 pm when Mr. Imtiaz got out of his office, he was the only executive in the whole compound

................ 'what's the problem with me?!', Mr. Imtiaz wonders. "My all my employees leave office at 6 pm. Why do I work till late night everyday?". He presses the table-bell and PS-1 appears. "How many red pen I have used last month?". PS-1 gets back after a while and reports the number is: 10. Mr. Imtiaz just can't believe in his own existence! "10? In one month?" "Yes Sir", PS replies. "2.5 number of red pen in a week!", he ponders. He starts to flip pages of the files he has in front and with all his astonishment, he finds the prominence and predominance of red color in every single pages! He barely skipped a page without reading and the red color from his own favorite pen declares the truth. Mr. Imtiaz ponders now, "Is it required for me to go through all the lines of every single document that my employees make?". "If I am to read all these, what my department heads are doing?". "What are those documents that I should stop reading?". "What are those reports that I should stop being reported?". "Why am I striking through the documents of juniors while they have their hierarchical bosses?". "Why and How I have engaged myself to do all these?". "Who is taking care of my long term business plan?". "Who is taking care of my organizational development?". "Have I ever concentrated on authority delegation process of my company?". "Is there anything psychological issue that is pulling me back?". "Have I become too rigid over these years?". "Why my company is lagging behind while others are moving so fast?". "Have I engaged myself extensively in details that I can't take care of development and growth issue?" ... .. ... ... .. .. .. . .. ... . .. .. ... ..."ARE ALL THESE HAPPENING BECAUSE OF THIS RED PEN?". Mr. Imtiaz Kabir reminds himself of that big sigh he made this morning gazing throughout the window. He makes it again. "No doubt. I could have done more for my next generation and the world if I didn't have this red pen"; Mr. Imtiaz looks at his red pen in hand and thought of a great quote from Albert Einstein:

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them

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Writer: Mr. A. Bhuiyan, Experienced Change Management Professional

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