When 'SALARY'​ is a 'PROBLEM'​

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

It's a situational case can have many forms:

Mr. Ishtiak joined a local Pvt. Ltd. Company as Sr. Executive (Sales) and got promoted twice. He was one of best performing Managers of that company. After serving 6 years, recently he has joined a local Group of Companies. His new company management could appreciate his capability and he obtained a premium pay off as Manager (Sales). Ishtiak was a happy man! His salary was much higher than his peers in other departments and some of guys in Top Management as well. Consequently, he was a 'discussion-topic' for them. This company hired him to take care of their refrigerator business that would be imported and sold locally. Their plan was to ground break on 1st of July 2018 but they failed for some management and strategic reasons at eleventh hour. Since project had been abandoned, higher salary of Ishtiak now got limelight than ever before. Ishtiak asked the management to assign him other tasks from existing business. They didn't respond. Most often management mistreated him and scolded which was not expected at all. Sometimes situation got irritating and abusive to a major extent for Ishtiak when top management didn't even notice the gathering where other junior officials were present. Suddenly, for the very first time in his career, he found himself as an under-performing one! Suddenly, he is receiving treatment from management that he had never encountered. With all his astonishment, he received a warning letter from HR to perform well. Ishtiak could understand that they want him to leave this company. He left the company and now looking for a job. In a family gathering, he posed these questions:

  1. As an Employer, do you have right to destroy other person's career and life?

  • Ishtiak would never left his prior job if his new employer did show him the opportunity to grow and a good remuneration

2. Where is your Plan-B for new recruitment?

  • Ishtiak could have performed very well as like his prior job if his new employer would have an alternative offering. Things become easier for management as well if 'change-mindset' is already embedded within organization

3. Is salary 'structured' in your company or it's a 'negotiable' one or 'both' and do you have the right process of 'salary disclosure'?

  • If salary is structure, all know all's salary. Not an issue at all! But if negotiable, 'privacy' has to be taken care of to prevent extravagant gossips in an organization.

I have learned a lot from Ishtiak and wish him a very successful career.

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Writer: Mr. A. Bhuiyan, Experienced Change Management Professional

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