Devils lie in the details

Quality of deliverables are maintained through the two key instruments: (a) TAPSD’s Project Set up Paper based on the Project Management Manual that TAPSD follows in-house and (b) project progression and resource allocation in MS Project. We put special focus on project planning, resource deployment, effective Quality Assurance, outputs-focused contract management of External Consultants and operations support to ensure efficient delivery of services. Through the entire duration of the assignment, the Project Manager continually monitors the communication between the project team and the Client and/or stakeholders involved and continually seek feedback from the Client.

4Ds of Our Process:

  1. Dig Deep

  2. Divide

  3. Discover

  4. Deliver

From a consultant point of view, external view or analysis is the shallow level of understanding of a problem statement whereas looking into it with a detailed eye gives the opportunity to unleash the true potentiality in term of the solution. Divide means chopping down the whole of the project into a workable and rational small segment. We do so in order to comply with our process no. 1 as well. We divide the totality into various Work Packages to analyze, pinpoint and identify core problems/opportunities in it. Discover is the moment of understanding and exploring the true/ rational/ justified/ potential cause/ reason/ opportunity in process 2 and making our minds to contemplate on solutions. Deliver is our output in a concise or detailed manner as per the requirement of our client changes with the dignity of the project

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Consultancy Quality Plan