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Sectors We Serve

Countless opportunities are peeping up in Bangladesh from every aspect. Being on the road of Middle Income Country, she is being assisted by her allies from all over the world. A huge diversified consumer market within has boosted her capabilities to be one of the sophisticated resilient economies in the world. For the last 10 years, she has been observing GDP over 6% consistently. She has a pool of young work force comprising almost 45% of total available labor. For the last two decades, she has enjoyed positive balance of payment. TAPSD has been with both public and private sectors stakeholder to foster this progress by extending its capabilities for the better cause of this beautiful country, Bangladesh.  We work basically as Management consulting company in Bangladesh for:

Environmental social ESIA, EIA, SIA, ESMF consultant

Energy auditing investment advisory consultant

- Finance & investment consultant

- Sustainable development consultant

- Change management consultant

Our Sector-wise Exposures

Transnational Advisory Partners for Sustainable Development, believes in sustainable way of progress both in terms of business and human life. Social security, if not ensured for the mass stakeholder, it is obvious that only profit would not be enough to gauge the sustainable befits in the long run. This world is a place for mutual understanding and benefits. The more people and business can share common values and interest with rational proportion, the more the world would be a beautiful place. However, that sustainability never been achieved in a shot. Realizing this fact is the first and foremost important subject and then action upon this understanding is the second most important issue. TAPSD works in Bangladesh to promote sustainable business concept as well as extend its capabilities in terms of knowledge sharing, resources pooling and consultancy.


NGO/Social Business




Learning & Development